Why Idols? How Becoming a Fan Taught Me To Be Critical of My Preferences (Otaquest)

‘While I know many people can relate to me if I recount the joys and heartbreak many feel as a fan of their favorite musician, most would understandably raise an eyebrow if I were to tell them my experiences came within the comradery of idol fandom. Whether in person in sold-out concert halls and arenas, cheering in cramped Shinjuku karaoke bars watching a classic performance, or, in lieu of the ability to attend events in person, laughing with friends over text and voice messages as we watch the latest livestream, my experiences of music fandom relate heavily to my journey as a fan of idol group Momoiro Clover Z.‘

You can read this piece over at Otaquest.

Further explorations on the topic of idols can be found over at Anime Feminist.

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