Time Shifters (Feature Film Script)

Hey there! The name’s Pyro! Nice to meet you!

Unless you’re someone like me, this ain’t the world you’re used to. Welcome to Shine City, Earth-47! The people living here are a bit special. For a start, at the age of six, everyone is granted one of five unique abilities.

Some possess superhuman strength, deadlifting cars long before they’re even old enough to drive them. And others become healers, with the ability to cure just about any minor injury or illness in a matter of seconds. Some people wield fire! We can create fire from nothing and cool molten metal in a matter of seconds, which feels right at home for someone like me and my fiery personality.

People like my parents expect those of us with these powers to grow up to become construction workers, or serve as a firefighter. Put our powers to use for the greater good and all that. Me? I’ve never played by those rules.

Then you have the brainiacs. They’re your class prodigies, the people speaking 7 different languages before they reach high school. Quantum physics? Child’s play! These people become your teachers, scientists, inventors. And they’re an absolute drag!

There’s actually one more group I haven’t introduced yet: the Shifters. Their powers can alter the shape of any object they see for as long as they maintain a physical connection to that object. It’s the rarest of the five powers, but also the least desirable because of its limits, and those who become Shifters are often looked down upon by the rest of society.

That includes my friend Elise, and this story is all about them. This is the story of how a chance encounter that was truly out-of-this-world accidentally invented time travel, setting in motion a chain of events that would change this world as we knew it… after they almost ended it, that is!

Feature Film Script
Length: 144 pages
Genre: Action, Drama, LGBTQ+, Coming-of-Age

Script available upon request

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