About Me

Hey there!

In case you don’t know me, my name is Alicia Haddick. I’m trans and I’m a 3rd year university student studying Japanese, as well as a part-time freelance writer. On this site here you’ll find different a variety of articles produced by myself for this site or articles that were produced on a freelance basis for someone else.

Personally I take great interest in the ways that media can effect other people and the ways in which people interact with media and what they take away from it. Often the things I’ll write about will discuss not just my own views on a piece of work and its merits, but the impact such a piece of work can have. For example, I’ve discussed how Celeste helped me to examine my own mental health. In a piece I wrote for Anime Feminist, I discussed how the Japanese idol industry can be viewed in a more positive and inclusive light in spite of its faults, one which has been a source of hope for many.

The ways in which media can allow people to look within themselves and learn things about who they are, or how they can change people’s perceptions on the world around them, are things I take great interest in. The impact of fandom on individuals is another thing I find personally fascinating.

Alongside this, I’ve also wrote more investigative pieces fuelled by my own passions that have seen me write in detail about the more questionable initiatives targeting anime fans such as the now-defunct Flying Colors Foundation.

You can follow me on Twitter and view a selection of my freelance work here.

Thanks for reading!