About Me

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My name is Alicia Haddick, and I’m a freelance journalist with a degree in Japanese Language from Durham University. While I often write about a variety of topics, with a specialty in Japanese culture, film and games, particularly in their relationship to fandom and community. This is often inspired by my own experiences, which act is an influence on all of my work whether that be a review, analysis, reporting, interviews or something else entirely.

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The type of work I often enjoy writing the most are long-form feature articles that take a broader look at a piece of media and examines the cultural and personal impact a piece of work has had on an individual, group or even on society as a whole. Media can have a revolutionary impact on the way a person views the world or in the ways in which it brings people together, and I want to bring these stories to life however I can. For example, I wrote about Ubisoft Reflection’s impact as a gaming studio on the local area where I live, Newcastle, while I also chose to examine the motivations behind a group of fans and their choice to create a 350-page fan-theory regarding Kingdom Hearts 3, with both of these articles being complimented by interviews from relevant people of interest. The ways in which media can allow people to look within themselves and learn things about who they are, or how they can change people’s perceptions on the world around them, are things I take great interest in.

Alongside this I have experience in event coverage, having helped to cover both Anime Japan and Tokyo Games Show on behalf of Otaquest in the past. At the former event, this included attending and covering stage shows held at the convention, during which new information was unveiled for upcoming releases or events, while the coverage at Tokyo Games Show involved coverage planning in advance of the event as well as writing impressions pieces on many of the games which I was able to play on the show floor, such as my work exploring indie games at Tokyo Games Show. Beyond this, yet also relevant, I am bilingual with proficiency in both English and Japanese, and this can enhance my coverage of Japanese events. This also allows me to do further reporting on Japanese topics, such as translating interviews with Japanese creators like this interview with Masahiro Sakurai on Satoru Iwata.

With a passion for cinema, I’ve recently expanded my work through a series of columns on different areas of the Japanese film industry known as Your Japanese Film Insight. By exploring the works of famous directors, genres, as well as films old and new, I aim to bring attention to an industry underrepresented in English-language reporting.

With a passion for sharing my own stories, elevating the stories of others and of discussing and critiquing media that speaks to me, my published work is a reflection of my beliefs, who I am and what I believe. No matter the topic, my aim when writing is to both fully explore the story I want to share with people and to elevate viewpoints often underrepresented in the media at large. As a trans non-binary person my experiences can often differ from those of others, and I feel as a result I have a perspective on many of these topics that is unique and engaging.

If you would like to commission me for reviews, features, event coverage, or just want to contact me about my work, you can do so at aliciahaddick@gmail.com

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