About Me

My name is Alicia Haddick, and I’m a freelance writer and journalist with bylines at websites such as Polygon, The Verge, Letterboxd Journal, Crunchyroll, Dicebreaker, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, PLAY and EDGE Magazine, Little White Lies, Slate and more. Specializing in Japanese culture, film and games while covering interesting work across all mediums and genres, my work aims to tell a story of people first and foremost, whether that be from my own experiences or celebrating the experiences of others via interviews or deep dives into the communities that form around popular culture.

Would you like to commission me for Future reporting, event coverage, reviews, or Another project altogether? Contact me: aliciahaddick@gmail.com

This is a topic that expands beyond my own journalistic endeavors and into my creative work. Turning the next page and starting the next chapter in their lives, people searching for the next step forwards and writing their own narrative are the trailblazers who stand at the core of the stories and worlds I inhabit and create, and represent the stories I aim to share with the world. Even in the face of adversity or grief or a lack of acceptance this search for a true human connection stands as a key tenant of the works I wish to create. Complete feature-length movie scripts and other creative samples are available on request.

With a passion for sharing my own stories and life experiences, elevating the stories of others and of discussing and critiquing media that speaks to me, my published work is a reflection of my beliefs, who I am and what I believe. No matter the topic, my aim is to both elevate the story I want to share as well as lift up the viewpoints often underrepresented in the media at large. As a trans non-binary person my experiences can often differ from those of others, and I feel as a result I have a perspective on many of these topics that is unique and engaging.

If you would like to commission me for reviews, features, event coverage, or just want to contact me about my work or the possibility of a collaboration on a future project, contact me via aliciahaddick@gmail.com

Thanks for reading!