Alicia Haddick

I'm a journalist with over 5 years of experience covering the gaming, anime and film industries with a specialism in the Japanese market and the challenges facing independent creators around the world. My work has been published on sites like Letterboxd, The Verge, Eurogamer, Dicebreaker, Rock Paper Shotgun, Polygon, Crunchyroll, and more.I excel at working with developers, creators and community activists on interview-driven features that put a human perspective on the macro forces driving popular culture, and am experienced with covering major industry events from the ground floor such as Tokyo Game Show, Bitsummit, Anime Japan, the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon World Championships and Tokyo and Berlin International Film Festivals.Additionally, I am a games developer, narrative designer and scriptwriter, as well as a consultant on gaming and film projects. You can access samples of my work below, and can reach out for collaboration opportunities or scriptwriting samples through the various contact methods listed below.

Journalism Portfolio

Over my 5 years of work as a freelance journalist I have published hundreds of pieces for print and digital outlets on the topics of gaming, film, TV, animation and politics.Scroll through the slideshow below to find links to various web-published articles ranging from reviews of the latest games and movies, interviews with creators such as Naoko Yamada and npckc, community-focused profiles on Tokyo Indies, event coverage from the show floor of Bitsummit, Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Film Festival and Niigata International Animation Film Festival, and more.

Additionally, my work has been published in print magazines such as Lost in Cult and EDGE, including cover features for PLAY Magazine. Examples of these can be found below.

Scriptwriting Portfolio

I have produced numerous feature and short film scripts in prospectus. Access to these scripts (among others) is available upon request, with summaries of the scripts provided below.

Goodbye, See You Later

Hana had hoped today would never come. After moving to Japan for work, she found her eyes opened by the wonders and friendships she discovered in the bustling Tokyo landscape. The places she visits, the experiences she had, but most importantly, the people she met… they left her feeling emotions she could scarcely recognize.To live in another land matches every joyful greeting with a painful goodbye. As the person who means most to her prepares to return home, there's no right way to say goodbye.Feature Film Script
Length: 110 pages
Genre: LGBTQ+, Drama


Welcome to Shine City, Earth-47. The people living here are rather special: at the age of six, everyone inherits one of five unique powers. Some possess superhuman strength, deadlifting cars before they’re even old enough to drive them. Others become healers, or possess incredible intelligence, or could wield fire.Then you have 'the shifters', the left-behind. Their powers can alter the shape of any object they see for as long as they maintain a physical connection to that object. It’s the rarest of the five powers, but also the least desirable due to its limitations, and those with it were usually bullied and left ostracized by society.Elise is one of those people, resorting to mild hooliganism to pass the days, with only their friend Pyro being there for them while everyone else turned their back. One day, an attempt to fix a broken watch accidentally sends them back in time, linking their universe with that of Earth-1 and a girl named Ashley, lost and alone following the death of her mother in an accident.Can this chance meeting change the trajectory of two universes and two lost souls forever... or destroy their shared worlds forever?Feature Film Script
Length: 144 pages
Genre: Action, Family, LGBTQ+, Coming-of-Age


One day, three university students in Northern England make the bold plan to break into an abandoned Toys’R’Us store that's stood untouched for over half a decade. For Sky and Katie, it’s a chance to relive some childhood memories in a store they used to visit as kids with their parents. For the third, Alice, this joyride is nothing new, and she has other motives for wanting to break into this store again.After all, this might be her last chance at reconnecting with her estranged parents…Short Film Script
Length: 18 pages
Genre: Heist, Drama